Monday, July 29, 2013

Days of Creation Step Book

We made the coolest step book for days of creation!  Before class, I assembled the books and gathered the supplies for each page.  Then the we all worked together to make the booklet.

At the bottom of each step, I glued a strip that said "On day ___, God made ____."  To save time, I filled in the blanks before xeroxing them.  Here's what went on each page...

Day 1 - black square of paper and white square of paper
Day 2- cotton ball clouds
Day 3- grass strip at bottom that the kids cut along the top to make it "fring-y", tree trunk and tree top die-cut, flower foam stickers
Day 4 - sun and moon die-cut, glitter star stickers
Day 5 - torn-edge strips to be water, fish stickers in the water and bird die-cuts in the sky
Day 6 - various animal die-cuts to choose room (lion, camel, cow, cat, dog, etc) and everyone got one man
Day 7 - empty

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