Friday, August 7, 2009

Ten Plagues Booklet

I found this booklet in the church workroom and shrunk it to be a smaller size booklet. It was a HUGE hit with the kids and parents. These photos are of the booklet that my 2 year old colored.Each page the kids did something to add to the picture. On page one, they wrote "NO!" in the speech bubble. On page 2, they colored the water red. It would have been neat to glue on sand...maybe next time! :)
Page 3 - Color the frogs.
Page 4 - Use glue stick then glue salt to the the gnats everywhere.
Page 5 - The flies wings are pre-drawn. Kids do a fingerprint in between the wings.
Page 6 - Glue cow upside down under odor marks. I used a mini notepad from the teacher store. You could also use a die-cut of a cow.
Page 7 - Boils - they were supposed to draw red dots. Jacob like green lines better! :)
Page 8 - Hail - Tear little pieces of blue paper and glue on to the be hail.
Page 9 - draw locusts. This was hard. I would draw on locusts or have a bug stamp for the kids to do.
Page 10 - color black
Page 11 - draw tear drops

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ten Commandment Craft

Start saving your Altoid containers today! This craft was super easy and lots of fun for the kids to open, read and close a million times! :)

The Ten Commandments are on die-cut tags. The words are printed off the computer onto gray/silver labels. The top of the Altoid tin is a regular label that the teacher pre-wrote before class.

This would be really good for a memory work tool too.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Joseph's sack of Grain

To make: Buy brown lunch per student. Fill with popped popcorn. Before class, spray paint cups silver. (We used an 8 oz. plastic cup in this class...I may try to find small flutes or small Dixie cups because this cup seemed a little big for the bag) Kids tie bag closed with black yarn. Then they can search through the bag for the silver cup. The black thing on the bag is a die-cut of a wheat stalk that was die-cut on adhesive-backed felt. Money is from party store.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Personal Sized Daniel and the Lion's Den

To make this personal-sized Daniel and the Lion's Den, start saving your cocoa cans today!

Use fun foam and die-cut angel, man, clothes and hair. Use adhesive backed brown fun foam to cut out "stone" to go on top of the lid to "seal the den."
On the inside of the cocoa can, have 2 adhesive-backed yellow fun foam lions die-cut. Kids stick one lion on each side of the cocoa can.
Kids tell story with the fun foam figures. Copy a song or brief story to keep in the can.
Seriously, how cute is this!!! :)

PIllars of Fire/Cloud

These stick puppets are TOO cute and easy! Cut out 2 clouds from card stock per child. One one cloud, glue cotton balls to God as a pillar of clouds.
On the other cloud, glue torn red, orange and yellow tissue paper or crepe paper to be God as a Pillar of Fire.

Then tape a tongue depressor to the back of the Fire and glue the Cloud onto the back of the fire.