Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Joseph's sack of Grain

To make: Buy brown lunch per student. Fill with popped popcorn. Before class, spray paint cups silver. (We used an 8 oz. plastic cup in this class...I may try to find small flutes or small Dixie cups because this cup seemed a little big for the bag) Kids tie bag closed with black yarn. Then they can search through the bag for the silver cup. The black thing on the bag is a die-cut of a wheat stalk that was die-cut on adhesive-backed felt. Money is from party store.


Rachele Funk said...

Can you explain how you used this?

Daesha said...

Rachele, In class, I taught the lesson, and then passed out bags of popcorn to every child. Only one bag had a silver cup in it. The children opened their bags and sorted through them to see what was in there. When the child who had the silver cup found his cup, he would tell the class. Then the class would decide what was about to happen to the student, based on the story. Essentially, the children, as a class, retold the end of the story together. Each student got the bag to take home as a reminder, and we did add the silver cup to every bag as they left. We encourage them to tell their parents the story of Joseph at home.

Rachele Funk said...

Thank you. Love that idea! I was just having a hard time visualizing the point. Now I completely get it!