Wednesday, July 8, 2015

2 year old - Galatians 5:13 - Hide the Word - December

Galatians 5:13 - Serve one another in love.

As a reminder (for me, as much as anyone else), each month of Hide the Word Memory Work has what I have been calling a "one page," a single sheet that lists some of the ideas for that verse. Usually any worksheets Kim and I created are also attached to the one page.

The one page for Galatians 5:13 can be found here.

On the one page, it refers to tracing the child's hand on a piece of construction paper, gluing a plate with the Bible verse written on it between the hands. Here's the picture. My son brought this home after his in class goldfish snack. And I can't throw it away. Again, those hand tracings grab my heart!

Also, the document refers to washing the disciples' feet. The 2 year old class taught this lesson as part of John's gospel. The teacher actually took a shoe and sock off each of the children and washed the foot ("Cold, mom."). The children colored the paper with the verse on it, then the teacher glued the feet to the paper and the paper to the bowl. She had painted the blue in bowl  for water in advance.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

2 year old - Micah 6:8

Hello!  You know life sometimes gets away from us, and children grow up way too fast. We will try to do better at keeping up the blogging work.

This verse will get us restarted. It's not an actual verse we learn in our Bible classes for little people, but it's an awesome verse (but which one isn't?).

Since my son came to us, I have found that if something has his hand or foot print on it, I can't throw it away. Or give it away. I might have a problem as he gets older. Or if he has a sibling. But tracing of his hand and foot is why this worksheet gets top billing.

My little person traced his hand and foot for this (or, more likely, had it traced for him) in his 2 year old class. He colored this especially for me, and it will never leave my house.