Monday, July 7, 2008

John 4

This week at Bible Power Hour we studied John 4 - the Woman at the Well. The kids had fun starting our session with about 20 minutes of singing. This is "The Wise Man Built His House on the Rock.
RB told the story and then had the kids act it out. This was fun!! The kids had headbands made from sentence strips with the character names written on them. Sentence strips are the perfect size for making kid-sized headbands!
For the review game we constructed a well! RB asked about 20 different questions about the story. Each time a child answered the question, they came a taped a rock to the well (big brown box). They really like this and it kept them engaged in the review questions.
Our craft today was making a necklace. Each child received a pre-cut heart that said "Jesus loves all people." The kids colored on the pink heart and then strung beads on the pre-cut yarn. Overall, the craft was a hit!
Next week - the Good Samaritan!