Saturday, August 10, 2013

Kindergarten - Hide the Word - January - Proverbs 15:1

One day while searching for something else, I clicked and clicked and ended up at this super cool website!  I was so excited to find her and her great ideas!  This is a Kindergarten verse and this poster is very, very cool!!!

Click here to go check out her instructions.

Friday, August 9, 2013

5th grade - Hide the Word - September - Romans 12:1-2 - Stained Glass

Stained Glass is a beautiful project to do with your class!  It is one of those things that mommas keep hanging in windows for years and years!

To do a stained glass you will need for each child: one piece of black construction paper, one overhead transparency, bottled glue and a bunch of 1" tissue paper squares.  You will also need either white crayons, white pencils or metallic pens for the kids to write with on the black paper and some baby wipes.

It is much harder to explain in words than to show you, but here goes...

Before class, cut the image you want.  Tape a transparency to one side of the image.  
 In class, give each child the transparency/black paper combo.  Have the kids turn the paper so that the black side is UP.  Using the white or metallic pens, have the kids write the verse.  Then FLIP the paper so that the transparency side is up.  Squeeze out some bottled glue.  Use their finger to smear the glue all over the area that "shines" through.  Once their fingers are clean, they stick tissue paper squares into the glue.  The Stained Glass will need to dry for a few hours, so the kids will need to leave them and take them home the next class time.
 I found this idea that is very similar...

5th Grade - Hide the Word - August - 1 Corinthians - Venn Diagram

As a teacher, I love Venn diagrams!  They foster deep, higher level thinking for your students.  This can be done in class as an individual worksheet or as a poster on butcher that you complete together.  The memory verse is 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 about your body being the new temple.  So for this activity you compare your body and the Lord's Temple that was in Jerusalem.

On the left, write things that only apply to the Lord's Temple.  On the right, write things that only apply to your body.  On the over-lapping circles, write things that are for both.

This is a wonderful way to assess your student's thinking and Biblical application.

4th Grade - Hide the Word - February - Romans 6:23 - Perforation

 Perforations are a lot of fun!  To do this activity, you must have carpet in your classroom or carpet squares.  You will also need one push pin for each child.  Staples sells over-sized push pins that are really nice to use.

Before class, prepare the verse worksheet with a few blanks.  Print the words for the blank in the same size font on another sheet of paper.  Cut each white word into a rectangle   Cut a black rectangle the same size as each white word rectangle.  Tape the black paper to the back of the white words.  In class, the kids use a push pin to trace the words, leaving about 1mm between each punch.  Once the word is fully punched, then gently remove the white word rectangle and throw it away.  Tape the black punched word in the blank.
The white from the paper shows through the black.  You can also put a piece of foil behind the black word to make the silver "shine" through.
This activity can be used with any verse.  Judge your kids self-control before doing this, but we have done it several times with first graders with success. :)

5th Grade - Hide the Word - September - Romans 12:1 - Shrinky Dink

Another of my new loves... Shrinky Dink!!! A package of Shrinky Dink paper can be bought at Hobby Lobby for $6.  The package comes with 10 8x11 sheets.  The samples above began as 1/4 sheet of Shrinky Dink paper.  The package comes with complete instructions for how to shrink.  You can bring in a toaster oven or take the kids to the kitchen.  I recommend doing no more than 5 at a time.  You bake them for 3 minutes, then press down the edges in the next 30 seconds... and it really means 30 seconds.  So by only doing 5 at a time, you should be able to press down all the edges.

The kids use colored Sharpies to write or draw on the SD paper.  You can also stamp first then color it in if you have a permanent ink pad.  Make sure to punch a hole BEFORE baking!  Just use a regular size hole punch.  Then you can string with regular yarn or plastic yarn.  The kids can use it as a keychain or backpack pull.

For this verse, I did one with the words (on the right) and one with a drawing intrepretation (on the left).  When I did this with my sons, it was a HUGE hit!  They wanted to keep making more, so your students will love it too!

4th Grade - Hide the Word - Romans 3:23 - Magic Scratch

I have a new love... Magic Scratch paper!!! You can find it in the seasonal stuff at Hobby Lobby or year-round on-line at Oriental Trading.  At OT, it comes in DOZENS of shapes - hearts, crosses, circles, rectangles, door hangers, fish, armor of God, Christmas ornaments, stars, wands, fans on a stick,  sunglasses (YES - how cool?!??!!), frames, magnetic frames, sea animals and MANY more!!!  These are a few samples I've already bought - the postcard, door hanger and flower.

Each kit comes with sticks for scratching the words or pictures onto the paper.  However, they usually only come with a dozen.  We suggest using lollipoops!  Dum Dum suckers work great and then the kids get an added treat of a sucker!

This activity can be used with basically ANY verse!  In class, have the words to the verse printed or give each child a Bible to use to look it up.  Then the kids use the end of the lollipop stick to gently scratch the paper.  You can attach a magnet to the back, punch a hole to make a necklace, or just let them take it home. 

Happy scratching! :)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

3rd Grade and 4th Grade - Hide the Word - Glow in the Dark - Romans 3:23 and Ephesians 4:26-27

We love glow in the dark paint!!! Not only is it fun for the kids, but the WOW factor is HUGE!!!  So whenever we see a verse about glory or darkness or light, we immediately think glow paint!

Before class, gather lots of Q-tips, black 9x12 construction paper and white crayons.

This is one of those crafts that can be a disaster waiting to happen if not done properly.  The top photo is properly!  At the beginning of class, have the kids write the parts in white. Have a sample for them to copy so that they can see the spacing.  They can even draw a line where they will eventually paint the glow words.  Later in class, go back with the Q-tips and glow paint and fill in the blanks.
 This is a sample of a disaster!! When trying to do all the words in glow paint it gets WAY too big and takes WAY too long!  Yes, it looks ultra-cool, but it is not very practical to do in class! :)

4th Grade - Hide the Word - December - Matthew 12:34

In class, have the kids make a woven heart pouch.  We found an excellent tutorial for making on at   Go there to see how to make it! :)

After the kids make the pouch the meaningful fun begins.  You can do a few different things with the pouch.  In one class meeting, give each child 5 die-cut lips.  (We have the Ellison lips die-cut.)  Have them write words that should "overflow from their heart" onto each heart and place them in the heart pouch.

In another class meeting, give each child a slip of paper for each of the other kids in class.  So if you have 5 students, then the kids get 5 slips of paper.  The kids write one kind, uplifting thing about each child on a slip of paper.  Then they put the compliment in that child's heart pouch.

4th Grade - Hide the Word - November - Door Hanger - Colossians 3:9-10

 This is an in-class activity that can also be done for basically any memory verse.  Before class, die-cut door hangers.  We used the Ellison door hanger die.  You could also purchase foam door hangers at Hobby Lobby or order Magic Scratch door hangers from Oriental Trading.  You will also need to gather doo-dahs to glue onto the door hanger.  We are quite fond of Hobby Lobby's glitter foam shapes! :)  You could do this on white paper, but using black paper adds an extra "wow" factor for the kids.  If you use black paper, then gather gel pens or metallic markers.  Silver Sharpies work really well!

In class, let the kids write the words to the verse on the door hanger.  Make sure to have a sample so that they can see the spacing for the words.  After it is written, let them stick on some doo-dahs to fancy it up!

4th Grade - Hide the Word - June

This is another in-class activity.  Before class, die-cut 8 feet for each child.  We used the Ellsion die-cut foot die, but several Cricut cartridges has a footprint also.  You can decide whether you or the students write the verse phrases.  If you are short in time, write them on the feet ahead of time.  If you have extra time, then let the kids write the words on the feet as they get to class.

In class, the kids glue the footprints across 12x18 construction paper in a "footprints on the beach" pattern.  The foot in the bottom right corner has the scripture reference on it.

4th Grade - Hide the Word -June - Hosea 14:9 - Frame

This is an in-class activity.  This can also be done with basically any memory verse!  The frame we used is the Ellison die-cut picture frame.  Several Cricut cartridges also have frames, so pick whatever you have access to and you like! :)

Before class, cut one frame per child.  Also cut one white piece that fits in the frame opening.  Tape the white piece into the opening.  

In class, have gel pens or other fancy pens for the kids to use to write the verse.  Make sure to have a sample for them to see, so that they know how to space the words so that it fits.  

You can also provide rhinestones, glitter or other doo-dahs to stick to the frame to "jazz it up."  Place a magnet on the back.  We prefer using the magnet circles instead of magnet tape.  The tape never seems to stick to the paper or the metal object very well!