Friday, December 19, 2008

2 Kings 9-17, 2 Chronicles 24

WOW! This lesson has ALOT of action in it. We only picked out a little bit - we were a little overwhelmed. If you have more to do, please let us know. We'd love to add it to our stuff!

Lesson: Jehu Defeats Jezebel and Baals, King Joash and others
Scripture: 2 Kings 9-17, 2 Chronicles 24

Bible lesson:
Jehu – King of Israel – anointed by Elisha with flask of oil.
Jezebel dead – thrown down, trampled by horses, eaten by dogs
Ahab’s family killed – prophesy fulfilled
Ministers of Baal killed
King Joash – hidden at birth or would have been killed. Age 7 became king (your age), and ruled for 40 years.
Joash repaired the temple.

Bible Activity #1
Based on Joash becoming king
Make crown headband

Bible Activity #2
Based on Joash repairing temple
Poster of temple, add jewels, gold paint, etc

Bible Activity #3
Based on Joash repairing temple
Have room all messed up, not able to teach much in it. Have kids help clean it up to make it acceptable to learn.

Bible Activity #4
Decorate chart (8.5 x 11) of all kings for binders.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

2 Kings 6:8-8:29

Lesson: Arameans Invade and Lose - Twice
Scripture: 2 Kings 6:8-8:29

Bible Activity #1:
Based on 2 Kings 6:8-23
Act out verses
Character headbands – King of Aram, Elisha, Officer of Aram,
Elisha’s servant, King of Israel
Do a lift the flap with lamination film (or overhead overlays)
Draw Aramean’s horses on paper
On film or overlays, draw horses and chariots of fire
Tape at top
Make your own concentration game
Draw – king, Elisha, horse, chariot, eyes
Match with word – eg. Written word matches with illustration

Bible Activity #2:
Based on 2 Kings 7:3-20
Act out verses
Character headbands – 4 lepers, Arameans, gate keeper, king,
Elisha, king’s officers
Brainstorm 6 events (at least one event for each child present)
Teacher records on paper
Kids illustrate
Sequence to make class book
Possible events: lepers go into Aramean camp; Arameans flee;
lepers find gold, silver, food, and animals; lepers talk to
gatekeeper; gatekeeper told king; king sends 5 horses to
check out camp; city rejoices, gatekeeper killed.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

1 Kings 19 - What are you doing here, Elijah?

We're hoping to get more of these up BEFORE we teach the lesson, so others can use it. I may be able to add photos later. But here's an outline of our planned lesson.

Lesson: What Are You Doing Here, Elijah?
Scripture: 1 Kings 19

Bible Lesson #1:
Presence of the Lord – Hold up colored cards with word on them
Wind – written on white
Earthquake – brown
Fire – red
Gentle whisper – blue
Create minibook (one 8.5x11 folded in half)
The Presence of the Lord – define
Page 1 – The Presence of the Lord is not in wind
Page 2 – The Presence of the Lord is not in earthquake
Page 3 – The Presence of the Lord is not in fire
Page 4 – The Presence of the Lord is a gentle whisper
The kids illustrate wind, fire, etc.

Bible Lesson #2
Elijah felt alone.
Create encouragement notes for minister, assoc minister, elders,
secretaries, etc

Bible Lesson #3
Call of Elisha
Act out 1 Kings 19:19-21
Headbands – Elijah, Elisha
Plowing with oxen, cloak over shoulders, sacrifice

Bible Lesson #4
Being afraid
What makes you afraid?
What do you do when you’re afraid?
What did Elijah do when he’s afraid?
When I am afraid I will _____. at top. Illustrate at bottom of

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

1 Kings 18 - Elijah versus Prophets of Baal and Rain Comes

Warning: this lesson has been taught twice, once by Kim and once by Daesha, for different groups of kids. I (Daesha) prepared WAY TOO MUCH for my lesson (#2). I think there was more than 2 hours of material there. For a 45 minute lesson. Oh well! I tell you this to let you know that you CANNOT do all things listed. Pick your favorites.

Lesson: The Rainmaker
Scripture: 1 Kings 18

Bible Lesson #1
Wise Word: Prayer
Picture: cloud

Who is Elijah?
Ravens > widow > prophet > Baal
Did King Ahab like Elijah?
Ahab was EVIL!!!!
No rain for 3 years

Bible Lesson: “I love the Bible. . .”
Part 4 flip chart

1. How long was the rain stopped?
2. After Mount Carmel contest, what did Elijah tell Ahab to do? (eat, drink – sound of rain)
3. What did Elijah do? (pray on mountain)
4. What did he tell servant to do? (look towards sea)
5. How many times did the servant look before he saw anything? (7)
6. What did he finally see? (small cloud)
7. What did Elijah warn Ahab? (hitch chariot and go down before rain)
8. Did rain come? (yes)

Does it work?
Always the first time?
God will take care of us. He loves us.

Color, add drops
Journal about praying on the back.

Bible Lesson #2
Wise Word: prayer
Picture: cloud

Opening: color worksheet of Elijah near his altar with sacrificed bull on it.
Also, could color prophet/king worksheet

Review: good kings, bad kings, prophets to each – attach each name to correct side of T-chart
Read first half of Arch book – the rain maker

Bible lesson: “I love the Bible. . .”
Teach lesson from Bible to children

Pick stick (tongue depressor) from jar. Sticks numbered 1-14.
1. Who was the king? Ahab
2. Who was his wife? Jezebel
3. Who did Ahab and Jezebel worship? Baal
4. Who came to Mount Carmel? Prophets of Baal and Elijah, Israelites
5. What did they build at Mount Carmel? 2 altars
6. Which altar was burned? God’s altar
7. What happened to all prophets of Baal? They were killed
8. Elijah prayed to God. What appeared in the sky? Cloud
9. What did Baal’s prophets try to do to get Baal’s attention? Danced, yelled, cut themselves
10. Who did Israelites believe was true God after fire came down? God
11. How many times did Elijah’s servant check the sky? 7
12. How big was the cloud he saw? Big as a man’s fist
13. How fast did God answer Elijah’s prayer about fire? Immediately
14. Who is the true God? God

Build small altars in the classroom. Review what Baal’s prophets were doing, and what Elijah did. Compare and contrast.

  • Have children draw fire on a ½ piece of paper. Finish coloring worksheet they started when they came in. Cut worksheet in half through the calf, brad halves together at bottom of paper with fire underneath all layers. (see photo). Have children tell you why you set it up that way (can see fire coming from heaven, consuming bull and altar.)

    Monday, December 15, 2008

    Wise Words Activities

    Some may be asking, "What are wise words?" These are not simply vocabulary words, although we may call them these. These words are usually related to the MAIN IDEA of the story. Often they're words like prayer, idol, sacrifice, or worship. These are usually ideas and words that kids have heard before, but may not be able to really define or understand.

    One of the first things we do when we plan a lesson is to determine a wise word. That word helps us plan the rest of the lesson, it helps us pick out what we think is most important to impart to the students.

    You'll find that the words we pick out are also geared to the group of children we are teaching. Some groups of children come from a very active (from a faith perspective) household, where these concepts are discussed at home. Some groups of children come from a household where Biblical matters are not discussed daily, so these concepts are newer to them. This may be why some lessons have deeper or more advanced words, and some lessons may have more basic words. We try to meet the kids where they are, and challenge them to grow!

    Since we really want our kids to learn the concepts AND the material, we try to incorporate the words into the lesson and the application material. You'll see the incorporation more as we start posting actual lessons (they're coming, I promise!)

    Without further ado, Wise Words Activities
    1. Magnetic letter build
    2. Create class dictionary
    3. Rainbow words
    4. Perforations
    5. ABC order
    6. Class book of words and illustrations
    7. Word search