Monday, December 15, 2008

Wise Words Activities

Some may be asking, "What are wise words?" These are not simply vocabulary words, although we may call them these. These words are usually related to the MAIN IDEA of the story. Often they're words like prayer, idol, sacrifice, or worship. These are usually ideas and words that kids have heard before, but may not be able to really define or understand.

One of the first things we do when we plan a lesson is to determine a wise word. That word helps us plan the rest of the lesson, it helps us pick out what we think is most important to impart to the students.

You'll find that the words we pick out are also geared to the group of children we are teaching. Some groups of children come from a very active (from a faith perspective) household, where these concepts are discussed at home. Some groups of children come from a household where Biblical matters are not discussed daily, so these concepts are newer to them. This may be why some lessons have deeper or more advanced words, and some lessons may have more basic words. We try to meet the kids where they are, and challenge them to grow!

Since we really want our kids to learn the concepts AND the material, we try to incorporate the words into the lesson and the application material. You'll see the incorporation more as we start posting actual lessons (they're coming, I promise!)

Without further ado, Wise Words Activities
  1. Magnetic letter build
  2. Create class dictionary
  3. Rainbow words
  4. Perforations
  5. ABC order
  6. Class book of words and illustrations
  7. Word search

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