Tuesday, December 16, 2008

1 Kings 18 - Elijah versus Prophets of Baal and Rain Comes

Warning: this lesson has been taught twice, once by Kim and once by Daesha, for different groups of kids. I (Daesha) prepared WAY TOO MUCH for my lesson (#2). I think there was more than 2 hours of material there. For a 45 minute lesson. Oh well! I tell you this to let you know that you CANNOT do all things listed. Pick your favorites.

Lesson: The Rainmaker
Scripture: 1 Kings 18

Bible Lesson #1
Wise Word: Prayer
Picture: cloud

Who is Elijah?
Ravens > widow > prophet > Baal
Did King Ahab like Elijah?
Ahab was EVIL!!!!
No rain for 3 years

Bible Lesson: “I love the Bible. . .”
Part 4 flip chart

1. How long was the rain stopped?
2. After Mount Carmel contest, what did Elijah tell Ahab to do? (eat, drink – sound of rain)
3. What did Elijah do? (pray on mountain)
4. What did he tell servant to do? (look towards sea)
5. How many times did the servant look before he saw anything? (7)
6. What did he finally see? (small cloud)
7. What did Elijah warn Ahab? (hitch chariot and go down before rain)
8. Did rain come? (yes)

Does it work?
Always the first time?
God will take care of us. He loves us.

Color, add drops
Journal about praying on the back.

Bible Lesson #2
Wise Word: prayer
Picture: cloud

Opening: color worksheet of Elijah near his altar with sacrificed bull on it.
Also, could color prophet/king worksheet

Review: good kings, bad kings, prophets to each – attach each name to correct side of T-chart
Read first half of Arch book – the rain maker

Bible lesson: “I love the Bible. . .”
Teach lesson from Bible to children

Pick stick (tongue depressor) from jar. Sticks numbered 1-14.
1. Who was the king? Ahab
2. Who was his wife? Jezebel
3. Who did Ahab and Jezebel worship? Baal
4. Who came to Mount Carmel? Prophets of Baal and Elijah, Israelites
5. What did they build at Mount Carmel? 2 altars
6. Which altar was burned? God’s altar
7. What happened to all prophets of Baal? They were killed
8. Elijah prayed to God. What appeared in the sky? Cloud
9. What did Baal’s prophets try to do to get Baal’s attention? Danced, yelled, cut themselves
10. Who did Israelites believe was true God after fire came down? God
11. How many times did Elijah’s servant check the sky? 7
12. How big was the cloud he saw? Big as a man’s fist
13. How fast did God answer Elijah’s prayer about fire? Immediately
14. Who is the true God? God

Build small altars in the classroom. Review what Baal’s prophets were doing, and what Elijah did. Compare and contrast.

  • Have children draw fire on a ½ piece of paper. Finish coloring worksheet they started when they came in. Cut worksheet in half through the calf, brad halves together at bottom of paper with fire underneath all layers. (see photo). Have children tell you why you set it up that way (can see fire coming from heaven, consuming bull and altar.)


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    Thank you for your great lesson ideas. I love the idea of blogging your lesson afterward - I do it with my ADULT lessons for them to review, but never thought to do it with kids lessons to share with others! Your church is truly blessed to have you!

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