Sunday, August 4, 2013

4th Grade - Hide the Word -June - Hosea 14:9 - Frame

This is an in-class activity.  This can also be done with basically any memory verse!  The frame we used is the Ellison die-cut picture frame.  Several Cricut cartridges also have frames, so pick whatever you have access to and you like! :)

Before class, cut one frame per child.  Also cut one white piece that fits in the frame opening.  Tape the white piece into the opening.  

In class, have gel pens or other fancy pens for the kids to use to write the verse.  Make sure to have a sample for them to see, so that they know how to space the words so that it fits.  

You can also provide rhinestones, glitter or other doo-dahs to stick to the frame to "jazz it up."  Place a magnet on the back.  We prefer using the magnet circles instead of magnet tape.  The tape never seems to stick to the paper or the metal object very well!

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