Friday, August 9, 2013

5th Grade - Hide the Word - September - Romans 12:1 - Shrinky Dink

Another of my new loves... Shrinky Dink!!! A package of Shrinky Dink paper can be bought at Hobby Lobby for $6.  The package comes with 10 8x11 sheets.  The samples above began as 1/4 sheet of Shrinky Dink paper.  The package comes with complete instructions for how to shrink.  You can bring in a toaster oven or take the kids to the kitchen.  I recommend doing no more than 5 at a time.  You bake them for 3 minutes, then press down the edges in the next 30 seconds... and it really means 30 seconds.  So by only doing 5 at a time, you should be able to press down all the edges.

The kids use colored Sharpies to write or draw on the SD paper.  You can also stamp first then color it in if you have a permanent ink pad.  Make sure to punch a hole BEFORE baking!  Just use a regular size hole punch.  Then you can string with regular yarn or plastic yarn.  The kids can use it as a keychain or backpack pull.

For this verse, I did one with the words (on the right) and one with a drawing intrepretation (on the left).  When I did this with my sons, it was a HUGE hit!  They wanted to keep making more, so your students will love it too!

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