Friday, August 9, 2013

5th grade - Hide the Word - September - Romans 12:1-2 - Stained Glass

Stained Glass is a beautiful project to do with your class!  It is one of those things that mommas keep hanging in windows for years and years!

To do a stained glass you will need for each child: one piece of black construction paper, one overhead transparency, bottled glue and a bunch of 1" tissue paper squares.  You will also need either white crayons, white pencils or metallic pens for the kids to write with on the black paper and some baby wipes.

It is much harder to explain in words than to show you, but here goes...

Before class, cut the image you want.  Tape a transparency to one side of the image.  
 In class, give each child the transparency/black paper combo.  Have the kids turn the paper so that the black side is UP.  Using the white or metallic pens, have the kids write the verse.  Then FLIP the paper so that the transparency side is up.  Squeeze out some bottled glue.  Use their finger to smear the glue all over the area that "shines" through.  Once their fingers are clean, they stick tissue paper squares into the glue.  The Stained Glass will need to dry for a few hours, so the kids will need to leave them and take them home the next class time.
 I found this idea that is very similar...

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