Sunday, August 4, 2013

4th Grade - Hide the Word - December - Matthew 12:34

In class, have the kids make a woven heart pouch.  We found an excellent tutorial for making on at   Go there to see how to make it! :)

After the kids make the pouch the meaningful fun begins.  You can do a few different things with the pouch.  In one class meeting, give each child 5 die-cut lips.  (We have the Ellison lips die-cut.)  Have them write words that should "overflow from their heart" onto each heart and place them in the heart pouch.

In another class meeting, give each child a slip of paper for each of the other kids in class.  So if you have 5 students, then the kids get 5 slips of paper.  The kids write one kind, uplifting thing about each child on a slip of paper.  Then they put the compliment in that child's heart pouch.

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