Friday, August 9, 2013

4th Grade - Hide the Word - Romans 3:23 - Magic Scratch

I have a new love... Magic Scratch paper!!! You can find it in the seasonal stuff at Hobby Lobby or year-round on-line at Oriental Trading.  At OT, it comes in DOZENS of shapes - hearts, crosses, circles, rectangles, door hangers, fish, armor of God, Christmas ornaments, stars, wands, fans on a stick,  sunglasses (YES - how cool?!??!!), frames, magnetic frames, sea animals and MANY more!!!  These are a few samples I've already bought - the postcard, door hanger and flower.

Each kit comes with sticks for scratching the words or pictures onto the paper.  However, they usually only come with a dozen.  We suggest using lollipoops!  Dum Dum suckers work great and then the kids get an added treat of a sucker!

This activity can be used with basically ANY verse!  In class, have the words to the verse printed or give each child a Bible to use to look it up.  Then the kids use the end of the lollipop stick to gently scratch the paper.  You can attach a magnet to the back, punch a hole to make a necklace, or just let them take it home. 

Happy scratching! :)

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