Friday, August 9, 2013

4th Grade - Hide the Word - February - Romans 6:23 - Perforation

 Perforations are a lot of fun!  To do this activity, you must have carpet in your classroom or carpet squares.  You will also need one push pin for each child.  Staples sells over-sized push pins that are really nice to use.

Before class, prepare the verse worksheet with a few blanks.  Print the words for the blank in the same size font on another sheet of paper.  Cut each white word into a rectangle   Cut a black rectangle the same size as each white word rectangle.  Tape the black paper to the back of the white words.  In class, the kids use a push pin to trace the words, leaving about 1mm between each punch.  Once the word is fully punched, then gently remove the white word rectangle and throw it away.  Tape the black punched word in the blank.
The white from the paper shows through the black.  You can also put a piece of foil behind the black word to make the silver "shine" through.
This activity can be used with any verse.  Judge your kids self-control before doing this, but we have done it several times with first graders with success. :)

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