Monday, July 29, 2013

Noah food craft

Noah is one of those topics that there are a zillion ideas for!  I wanted to do something new, so I turned to pinterst for help.  This came straight from pinterest and the kids loved it!

First we painted half a paper plate to the the rainbow. Some kids painted with their fingers, others used q-tips.
 As the paint dried, I retold the Biblical account of Noah.  Then all the kids gathered on the floor.  I gave each child a pre-cut ark to add the wood slat marks and glue onto the paper.  After they glued on the ark, then I gave them a big handful of animal crackers.  I got the slightly more expensive Nabisco Barnum ones because they have more details!  The kids made pairs of one male and one female animals.  They traded with each other to make pairs.  Then they glued their pairs and ate the rest!

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