Monday, July 29, 2013

Hide the Word - organization

We think in folders and spreadsheets!  To organize of Hide the Word materials for first grade, we made a file box.  The whole year of verses fits in this box. At first we also kept the 3-D leftovers, but it got too full.  Each blue tab is a new month.

 Within each month, there are three file folders.  They are labelled "to be mailed home", " to be used in class" and "in class activities."  In the "to be mailed home" we keep the verse card, letter for that month, and any flat game pieces.  In the "to be used in class" folder we keep the song sheet of that verse, the copied Bible and monthly idea sheet.  In the "in class activities" folder we keep worksheets for class, games that are not mailed home, craft instructions for in class crafts and other game "stuff."

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