Saturday, August 3, 2013

3rd Grade - Hide the Word - January - Ephesians 4:31-32

This is an in-class activity for January.  Once again, the sample in on 12x18 construction paper, but we recommend using a length of butcher paper.  Before class, the teacher needs to prepare the poster.  To prepare the poster, write the words of the verse at the top of the paper.  Then glue on a picture of a trash can on one side and a big heart on the other side.  I used Bing images to find the trash an by searching "trash can coloring page."  The heart is cut free-hand.

Also before class, print out the word strips that are on the teal paper.  These are the words from the verse.  In class, discuss the verse and together, glue the teal word strips onto the correct side of the poster.  Then give each child 4 post-its.  Have each child 2 trash attitudes and 2 treasure attitudes on the post-its.  Then let the kids come up and stick their post-its on the correct side of the poster.

Hang in the hall so that all the parents can see their child's work and be proud!

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