Monday, July 29, 2013

Tower of Babel craft

This craft came mostly from pinterest too!  In class, we built a tower together and the kids were allowed to talk and communicate verbally.  Then we told them to build a tower again, but this time, they had to be silent.  This was HARD!!!
 For our craft, we made paper towel tube towers.  Before class, glue the paper towel tube to a small paper plate.  Then the kids color the plate green for grass or brown for dirt.  They also draw on brick lines on their tube.

I did not get a good photo, but if you look behind this child, you will see a brown circle.  This is cut in a spiral.  We also printed a sentence and cut it up for the kids to clue onto the spiral.  This took a while. Next time, we will write some of the words and leave blanks for the cut-up words.

 After the words were all glued, then we taped on end of the spiral at the top of the tube and wrapped the spiral around the tube to make a "ladder/steps" up to the top.  Tape the spiral at the bottom too.    Here's two darlings with their finished towers.

This was a HUGE hit!!! My two kids (those adorable ones above!) have it still in a place of honor in our house over a month later.

These last two photos show the Tower up close so you can see the word strips a little better.


Tower of Babel words  - Again, when we do this again, we will do a fill in the blank instead of having the children glue all the words on the tower.
We didn't have time to glue cotton ball clouds to the top of the tower, but hope we'll get time to do so next year!

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