Friday, August 2, 2013

Elijah Windsock from 2 Kings

We made these windsocks in our summer program this year.  The age range is 2-9 and all the kids really had fun making them!

To prepare, I cut posterboard into 8 inch x 24 inch strips.  Then I printed the word "Elijah" in a large outline font.  I copied one coloring sheet of Elijah in the chariot of fire for each child.  I trimmed it to be about a 6x6 inch square.  The kids started by coloring in the name and coloring sheet of Elijah in the chariot.
 After the kids colored, they glued in 9 streamers.  Each child got to have 3 red, 3 yellow and 3 orange party streamers.  I cut them to be about 24 inches long.  We used glue stick to glue them in.
 Then the kids glued on the name, color sheet and verses onto the flat poster board.  After they were all glued on, an adult bent the poster into a cylinder and stapled it at the top, bottom and in the middle.  AN adult also used a single-hole punch on each side and inserted a pipe cleaner to be the hanger.
 This is the up-close view of the words from the Bible.
It is super cute and the kids loved making them!  Happy crafting!

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