Friday, July 26, 2013

Tissue Paper Mosiac

In class tonight, we made tissue paper mosiacs. We prepared the craft by cutting tissue paper into 1 inch squares. We cut black construction paper into the shape of a cross, and attached transparency paper to the back of the construction paper with tape. If you're going to have children write anything on the black construction paper in white crayon, this is the time to do so.
We had the children put elmer's glue on the transparency side of the craft, and glue the tissue paper pieces in random orders on the back of the craft.

Gluing is fun!!


Scattering tissue papers on the back of the cross. 

The finished project!  Make sure to let it dry before putting it down!
Hang in a window and let the light shine through.
*note, the black construction paper can be cut into any shape you want before gluing tissue paper. We suggest butterflies, crosses, feet, or any other shape that is specific for your lesson.

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