Sunday, July 22, 2012

T-chart with Post-its

Here is one method of chart to use in your classroom!  Our students had a BLAST doing this and the lesson made such an impact on their learning.  Anytime the children can be involved in creating an interactive wall chart, they will have ownership and that lesson will really "stick."  This is sweet J sticking one of his responses.
 And the finished product!
Here's how to do this in your class...

Use when: comparing two things
Materials: butcher paper, markers, pencils, post-its, pencils
Instructions: Before class, write the topic and two categories at the top of the butcher paper.  Teach the lesson.  Discuss answers for each category.  Give each child (at least) 4-6 post-it notes.  Have them go back to the table and write (at least) 2-3 responses for each category.  Let the kids stick them on the butcher paper.  After all the kids have stuck their responses, gather the kids back on the carpet and allow the kids to share what they put on the chart.
Sample: Praise 
Telling God how good He is Thanking God for all He’s done
      • powerful * my BFF
      • God rocks! * family
      • strong * friends
      • awesome * home
      • mighty                          * forgiveness

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