Monday, July 23, 2012

Day of Pentecost Headband

Here is sweet J modeling a cut-up sentence headband!  We made these for the Day of Pentecost lesson. To make a cut-up sentence, choose your verse.  Type it out in a medium-sized font.  Before class, cut the sentence into 1-2 word chunks and place in a baggie.  Make enough baggies so that each child gets one baggie.  At the end of the lesson, take the key verse on index cards and have the kids help you sequence the verse.  Then give each child their own set and have them put the verse in order.

To make this specific headband... At the beginning of class, have the kids paint their own flame.  Some of the kids also added glitter to their flame.  As the flames were drying, I taught the lesson.  At the end of the lesson we sequenced Acts 2:38 together and then the kids did it individually.   I sent the kids back to their tables and staples the flame in the middle of the headband.  Then I had the kids glue on  their verse cut-up sentence on the sentence strip.   Before gluing, fit the sentence strip to the kids head and draw a line.  Then draw an X on the rest of the end of the sentence strip so that they will not glue here since it will be covered when the headband is stapled.

It was a treat to see all these flames leaving class and telling their parents all about the Day of Pentecost!


Nancy said...

Love this idea. New to your site - putting it in my Favorites. Thanks

Kristin Lopez said...

Also love this idea and new to your site! Saving it on my Pinterest! :) Thank you for sharing :)