Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stephen - Acts 6 and 7

Acts 6 and 7 is such a great passage to act out!  After teaching the lesson, we acted out this passage 3 times... so each child could be Stephen!  This was a HUGE hit and the kids told the story of Stephen 3 times that night.  
 Before class, I waded up a bunch of newspaper into balls.  Those were our rocks during the stoning.
 When we acted it out, "Stephen" started out before the Sanhedrin and each "Stephen" told the story of Israel's history to Jesus dying on the cross.  Then a guard took "Stephen" outside, where the rest of the "Jews" were waiting with their newspaper wads.  It was very important for "Stephen" to remain in character and say the words, "Forgive them...."
 This was a wonderful learning night!
At the end of class, the kids did a self-portrait worksheet that had the sentence starter, "_______ will be bold like Stephen."

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