Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Edible Ten Plagues

This is one our all-time favorite lessons!!!  I wish I could give credit to the creator of it, but I heard about it from Janell who heard about it from Susie, heard about it from...  Even though it is SUPER fun (and a little gross!) we still want the kids to know that the reason we are doing it is to learn that...
 Before and after eating each plague, we say the red poster together.  I also made the ten plague numbers.  They were in the workroom, so again, I cannot give proper credit.  I taped them to a huge baking sheet.  We give each child a plate, napkin and water bottle.  We encourage them to try eating each plague, but do not force anyone to eat anything.
 I forgot to take a photo of plague one... the Nile turning to blood.  For this plague, we bought sardines in tomato sauce.  The tomato sauce looks like bloody water and the sardine represents all the dead fish. Surprisingly, half of our kids tried them and liked them!

Here is plague two... gummy frogs!  We searched high and low to find these fellows and had to go to a Spec's to get them...
 Here are our gnats... they are really mustard seeds!
 Here are our flies... chocolate chips!
 Plague five... all the livestock died.  To make them, we used half a hot dog weiner and stuck 4 pretzel sticks in each weiner.
 Boils!!! This one is a little gross... a Ritz cracker, with a dollop of Cheez Whiz and a pepperoni on top!  The odd looking one is a wadded up Fruit Roll-up to accomodate a child with a food allergy.
 Plague 7... lightning and hail.  For the HOT lightning, we ate Hot Tamale candies...
 and the hail is ice cubes.
 Plague 8 was weird to make! hahaha  These are rice krispie treats that I made.  Once the marshmallows were melted and just before I added the cereal, I added a few drops of black food coloring and stirred it in well.  Then I added the cereal and pressed it into the pan like normal.  I tried to cut them into skinny strips.  It would have been cute to add black licorice legs... but it just did not happen this time.
 Plague nine... total darkness!  This year we used an Oreo cookie for the base.  Then I put 2 small dollops of icing on top of the cookie and added candy eyes.  I bought the candy eyes at Hobby Lobby in the cake decorating section.  Some years we have also baked a batch of brownies and used white chocolate chips for the eyes.
 The last plague... death of the first born.  The plate below was what we gave to each child... french fries in the shape of a doorpost and a dollop of ketchup at the bottom.
As we talked about the plague, the kids used one fry to "paint" the doorpost to keep away the angel of death.
 This was a HUGE learning experience for our kids!  They had a LOT of fun and learned even more!

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