Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Romans 8 - God Loves Us

Lesson: God Loves Us
Scripture: Romans 8

Wise Word: Holy Spirit

Bible Lesson #1:
What is sin?
What does sin do to us?
Define repent – to turn from
How does God feel when we sin?
Can anything separate us from the love of God?
Read v35-39 – put into own words

Bible Lesson #2:
Read 3 in 1, a picture of God
Discusses God as part of an apple.

Worksheet – Nothing can separate ______ from the love of God. Allow the kids to make tear paper hearts or decorate in glitter in the corners of the worksheet.

Worksheet with Romans 8:35 – child writes name on blank then draws self-portrait at bottom.

Worksheet about Holy Spirit – draw paper into fourths and have kids illustrate one thing in each fourth.

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