Friday, February 6, 2009

Romans 11, That He May Have Mercy on All

Lesson: That He May Have Mercy on All
Scripture: Romans 11

Lesson #1
Plan of Salvation
Since creation, God has had this plan in mind to get all people to heaven
Sequence the steps of salvation - hear, believe, repent, confess, be baptized

Lesson #2
Based on verses 30-32
Friend does something mean to you and you don’t do anything back.
God has ultimate mercy.
Think of circumstances when we need mercy.

Worksheet “mercy” - glue glitter or pompoms or Cheerios on it
Mercy written in large letters with definition underneath in smaller letters
Mercy definition – Not getting punishment you deserve
Ex. not getting grounded when you should be punished.

Lesson #3
Based on verses 33-36
God’s greatness – some things are unexplainable
God does not owe us anything.
Verse 36 - God gives us all things

Poster “What does God give us?”
Kids illustrate answers and glue on poster board
Be sure and get both material answers as well as spiritual answers

Idea #4 - This adorable headband was created in the 4 year old class for this lesson!

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