Monday, February 2, 2009

Romans 2, The Bad News

Lesson: The Bad News
Scripture: Romans 1:18-2:29

Wise Word: Sin

Welcome: Song – Creation song

Bible Lesson #1:
Based on 1:20
Focus on creation.
Review Genesis 1 and all that God created.
Kids need to hear again and again that God is the Creator.
Sing creation song
Make a 7 days of creation booklet.
Bring in pictures of nature to share
Go on a nature walk

Bible Lesson #2
Based on 1:29-32
Things that make God sad/happy.
Read Romans 1:29-32 out loud.
Do Sad Sort – cards that have attributes on them that make God sad – from scripture, as well as attributes that make God happy, also from scripture. About 8 of each. The kids drew one attribute card, read it and placed it on the correct side of the sort.
The finished sort! Things That Make God Sad / Things That Make God Happy

Do Sad Web – word web. Things that make God sad. . .

Work sheet – It makes God happy when I. . . Have child draw a picture of themselves doing something good and write the action on the sheet.

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