Thursday, December 11, 2008

How to Teach a Bible Class Lesson

It occurred to me that we may be jumping the gun a little. Maybe we should hit the basics. Kim prepared this list for teens she was teaching to teach. She really is an excellent resource for teachers, and I have been blessed to learn from her. Here is the method she taught me, and others, to teach little ones.

How to Teach a Bible Class Lesson

1. Read the scripture of the lesson
Reread the scripture for the last lesson
Read the scripture for this lesson

2. Rewrite the story in your own words (staying faithful to the Biblical version)

3. Lesson format
Sing for five minutes
Say a prayer
Begin with a review of the last lesson
Tell the lesson for today
Have some kind of application

4. Decide what you want to use to teach the lesson
Flannel pieces
Magnetic pieces
Overhead transparencies
Read a book
Flip charts
Make up a song about the lesson

5. Write questions for the end of the lesson
Focus on some details and the main idea

6. Decide your application
Act out the story
Make a book
Make a puppet
Retell the story to a friend (buddy in class)
Folder games
Color sheet
Crossword puzzle/word search
Make a chart together

7. Helpful hints
Always check your supplies before the lesson
Prepare some activity to practice the memory verse
Attendance charts
Consider what the kids will do when they arrive
Children below first grade should not be expected to read or write or use scissors
Keep it hands on and fun!

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