Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fun things to do with a worksheet besides color it!

We've all been there. The lesson is wonderful, but there's no activity for the kids, only a worksheet. And it's uninspiring. Here are some ideas to jazz up the worksheet. . . .

1. Teacher colors the sheet prior to class. Cut the worksheet apart into simple jigsaw pieces. The children can put the pieces together as a welcome activity.

2. Make a copy of the color sheet. Draw thick black jigsaw lines on the worksheet. Xerox one for each child. The kids can color or simply cut apart to create their own puzzle. Make sure to have a baggie for each child to take home their puzzle.

3. Find color sheets that are in sequence of the story, like a flip chart. Distribute one sheet per child. Then the children get in order of the story. They have to retell that part of the story that their picture illustrates.

4. Add something to the sheet that does not belong, like a hammer or cat or pencil. See if the kids can find the wrong object.

5. Use watercolors instead of crayons.

6. White out the words. Let the kids create a sentence to explain the picture. Kindergarten and early first graders will need the teacher to record their words for them.

7. Enlarge on a copy machine. Let the kids lay on the floor around the "poster" to color in a group. Hang on the wall. Teacher writes new words on a separate piece of paper for the caption as generated by the kids.

8. Create the color sheet to be a "color-by-number" sheet. The target color should be important to the story. For example, only color the blood red Nile River during the plagues, or only color the purple cloth with Lydia, or the water in the story of Jesus walking on water.

9. Add real objects with glue. For example, sand fore desert, blue cellophane for water, corn meal for grain, glitter for stars, straw/hay for straw in the manger, cloth for clothes, etc.

Hope this blesses you!

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