Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Anytime Projects for Sunday School

This is a list of things that may be useful for those lessons that don't have an action intuitively associated with it. We have found this list to be a lifesaver on more than one occasion.

1. Folded fill in the blank book (kcrew style)

2. Make card to send to others – either encouragement, get well, etc

3. Necklace with verse

4. Headband with verse

5. Tear paper vocabulary word – print vocabulary word in large font on computer. Have kids tear tiny pieces of construction paper and glue over the word.

6. True/false statements from lesson – sort on T-chart or use happy/sad faces

7. Chart it!

8. Class book – words by teacher, kids illustrate

9. Class book – words by kids, teacher illustrates (we use worksheets for this)

10. Give kids cut up letters that spell the vocabulary word, help them spell word and then glue it down. Illustrate the vocabulary word.

11. Book mark with verse

12. Pocket chart sequence

13. Role play

14. Bag puppet of main character to retell story

15. Jigsaw of verse

16. Door hanger

17. Mobile

18. Picture concentration – vocabulary word on one part, illustration on matching part

19. Rainbow words of vocabulary word

20. Perforation – punch holes in black paper spelling out word using thumbtack. Attach to white paper, have kids illustrate word on bottom half of paper.

21. Wikki stix – have kids circle vocabulary word, “write” word with stix, etc.

22. M&M game – have a baggie of M&M;s – kids pull out one and answer the question based on color:
Red – main idea Orange – characters
Yellow – setting Green – application
Blue – scripture Brown – name 3 events

If you have any questions about these, feel free to comment or e-mail! We'd love to help!

Hope this blesses you!

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