Saturday, October 31, 2009

What is a Prophet? bulletin board

This is the bulletin board we have up in our classroom right now. We are in the middle of a 2 quarter study of the major and minor prophets. There will be many more prophet posts to come!

The prophet is a man that I enlarged on the opaque machine. They are so "old-school", but using an opaque machine makes my heart happy. They remind me of my college days and making oodles of bulletin board sets.

The cards by the man say...
What is a prophet?

A messenger of God

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What Prophets Do

· Tell the people what God said

· Warn leaders

· Tell people to follow God

· Explain the bad things that were happening

· Tell good things that were going to happen

Then the map...I also made it using the opaque machine and my trusty chalks. A side-note about chalks...always have a can of cheap aerosol hairspray handy. When you are done, spray it and the chalk will not rub off. However do not spray too much in an enclosed area or your tear-ducts can get clogged and you'll get what seems like pink-eye. Unfortunately I know this from personal experience! :)

Back to the map - the yellow is Israel and the orange is Judah. During our first lesson about prophets, we added a card that labeled each Kingdom and another card that listed the prophets to that kingdom. The kids used orange and yellow crayons to color a kid-sized map that they are keeping in their Prophets Notebook.

I also wrote a song about prophets. Enjoy!

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Prophet Song

Tune: Lord’s Army

What is a pro-phet?

A mes-sen-ger of G-o-d

Talking to the pe-eople

Asking for rep-ent-ance

What is a pro-phet?

A mes-sen-ger of God.

Who are some of the prophets?

Zeph-a-niah, Daniel and Jonah

Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos and Hosea

Micah and Hab-ba-kuk

They were all messengers of God.

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