Saturday, October 31, 2009

Isaiah'c Call

Kids draw a self-portrait. Then glue on a black paper ball for the coal.
*This idea is from Holly* Thanks for sharing!
Here is the lesson:

· What is a prophet? Discuss definition poster

· Tell the kids that Isaiah had a vision in which God called him to be a messenger of His.

· Read 6:1-2. Then distribute paper to each kid. Read it again very slowly and have the kids draw what you read.

· Compare drawings and talk about how they are all similar and different.

· Read 6:3 - Have this verse printed on a sheet of paper. Discuss the meaning of “holy.” Why did the angels say holy? Who is holy? Why did they say it three times? Use vocabulary card

· Read 6:3 again – discuss “glory” - Use vocabulary card – connect to the miraculous signs of God – Name some things we see around us that show God’s glory (plants and their life cycle, love, sun, babies, etc.)

· Read 6:4-5 – Why is Isaiah sad? What does “Woe” mean?

· Discuss unclean lips – define as saying mean things or bad words or impure words. Make a chart of things that are pure and unpure to say. Then discuss what happens when you say pure things – what happens when you say unpure things.

· Read Isaiah 6:6-7 = What does that mean? (If possible, bring in tongs and a coal-like rock. Touch the kids lips with it as an example. Could also have the coal-like rock as a symbol for them to take home to say pure things.)

· Read 6:8 – God asked Isaish to be a messenger for him to talk to the people. Does God want us to be messengers for him today? How can we do that? Missionary blurb and connect that we are all missionaries each day for Christ.

· Isaiah had to listen for God. God talked to Isaiah when He called him to be his prophet for the nation, but God also talked to Isaiah often. Isaiah had to learn to listen for God.

· Review Questions –

o Who was Isaiah?

o Who talked to Isaiah?

o What is a prophet?

o Why did God choose Isaiah to be his messenger?

o Act out the angel touching Isaiah’s lips with the coal.

o What does God want us to tell people today?

o What would you do if you heard God’s voice?

o Give 5 reasons for Isaiah to follow God’s command

o How would you react to hearing God’s voice?

o How would someone today react to seeing a vision of heaven like Isaiah saw?

o How would God get you attention today?

o Do you agree with Isaiah being scared?

Here are the crafts:

· Handwork = WS with big lips on it – Kids write the nice things they should say to others. Could glue small rock on the paper.

· Handwork = Badge “I will say pure things.” With lips stamped on it.

· Handwork = Send a note to our missionaries

· Handwork = Headband –“I will listen for God.” And glue big paper ears to it.

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Church House Collection Blog said...

Great idea. I will be using this one in our class for sure! I like the idea of the black coal. Perfect and simple idea!