Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Teaching Prayer

This year we decided to approach the topic of teaching kids to pray a little different than we have in the past. Our year with these first graders began in September and we have been tackling a new aspect each Sunday and then re-inforcing it on Wednesday night.

On Sunday we ask the kids a question about prayer and record their responses on a piece of copy paper. Then on Wednesday night, they illustrate on the 1/2 sheets of paper the answer to Sunday's question.
Questions taught on Sundays...
Who can pray?
Who can you pray for?
Where can you pray?
When can you pray?
How do you start a prayer?
How do you end a prayer?
Why do you pray?
Who can you pray with?

Now that the kids have a grasp on those topics, we are going to start introducing different methods of prayer. In November, we will introduce "The Cube." Each side of a cube is labeled with a different group of people - family, friends, military, government, church and sick people. You roll "The Cube" and think of a specific person for the category you rolled.

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