Thursday, January 15, 2009

Romans 1:1-17, The Gospel of Christ

Lesson: The Gospel of Christ
Scripture: Romans 1:1-17

Lesson #1
Jesus in the Old Testament – Teach kids that Jesus was introduced in the Old Testament. That’s how Jews knew to look for him and believe in him when Jesus came to earth.

Jesus born at Bethlehem
Micah 5:2
Matthew 2:1

Gifts brought to Jesus at his birth
Psalm 72:10
Isaiah 60:6
Matthew 2:1, 11

Holy Spirit was with Jesus
Isaiah 11:2
Matthew 3:16-17

John the Baptist prepared the way
Isaiah 40:3
Matthew 3:1-2

Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey
Zechariah 9:9
Luke 19:35-36

Healing of the sick
Isaiah 35:5
Matthew 8:14, 9:36

Born of a virgin
Isaiah 7:14
Luke 1:34

Resurrection of Jesus
Psalm 16:10
Luke 24:2

When I have taught this lesson, I had prepared the list of these prophesies and written them down on individual sheets of paper. Then, I read the OT scripture, and had the kids tell me which part of Jesus’s life the OT scripture discussed. Then I put each on the top of a page and let the kids illustrate each for a class book.

Lesson #2
Make prayer posters – I can pray when? I can pray where? I can pray about? Teacher makes the poster, and gives the kids ½ sheet of paper to let the kids illustrate the answers to these questions.

Make door hangers – “Quiet please. I’m praying.” (Or something along those lines.) Allow the kids to write the sentences and color or add stickers to door hangers. Discuss how we pray to God and why.

Lesson #3
Based on verses 16-17
Discuss God’s power and what he can do.
Discuss the power of the Gospel and what it can do.
We just studied King Hezekiah’s healing in 2 Kings. Review that lesson with the kids in light of this scripture.

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