Tuesday, January 13, 2009

1 Samuel 17-19, Saul's jealousy

Lesson: Saul’s Jealousy
Scripture: 1 Samuel 17:55-19:23

Wise Word: jealousy

David and Jonathan became best friends.
Jonathan gave David his robe, bow, belt, tunic, and sword as a symbol of their friendship.
David lived with Saul and Jonathan.
David did a very good job leading the army, so Saul gave him a high rank.
All the people liked David.
The people liked David more than Saul. This made Saul jealous.
What does jealous mean?
David played his harp for Saul every day.
One day while David was playing his harp, Saul threw his spear at David!
The Lord was with David instead of Saul.
Saul sent David away to lead the army.
Saul hoped that David would get killed in battle, but the Lord was with David and David won all his battles.
Because of David’s victories, all the people loved David even more!
Saul tried to get David to marry his daughter, Merab.
But David was afraid to marry her.
Then Saul tried to get David to marry his other daughter, Michal, because he saw that Michal loved David.
David said he was not good enough to marry the king’s daughter.
So Saul told David to go kill 100 Philistines. Saul thought the Philistines would kill David.
So David took his troops and they killed 200 Philistines!
Saul gave David his daughter Michal to marry.

Bible Lesson: “I love the Bible. . .”
David kept winning more and more battles.
Saul got jealous once again and told Jonathan and his other army leader to kill David.
What do you think Jonathan did?
Jonathan went and told David that Saul, his dad, was looking for David to kill him.
Jonathan also told David that he would talk to his dad and try to get him to like David.
Jonathan told Saul – Daivd has done nothing wrong to you. Please do not hurt David.
Saul listented to Jonathan and said he would not kill David.
Then Jonathan told David he was safe.
David went and led more battles and won.
But an evil spirit came over Saul and while David was playing his harp one morning, Saul threw his spear at David again!
David ran home to Michal, his loving wife.
Michal told David he must run away tonight because tomorrow Saul will surely kill you.
So Michal let David down from a window and he escaped to Ramah, where Samuel lived.
Mean while, Michal put an idol in David’s bed, put some of David’s clothes on it, and put goat hair on its head.
Saul sent men to Michal and David’s house the next morning to capture David.
Michal told the men that David was sick.
Then Saul told the men to bring David’s sick body to him.
The men discovered it was an idol and got mad at Michal.
Saul figured out David was with Samuel, so he sent some mean men to kill David.
When the men got to Ramah, God made them nice, and they prophesied.
Then Saul sent more mean men to kill David in Ramah, but God made them nice too, and they prophesied.
Finally, Saul himself went to Ramah to kill David, but God softened Saul’s heart and Saul worshipped God instead of hurting David.

Do play – Saul, David, Michal, Saul’s men
Brainstorm list of events in story – one per page.
Kids illustrate
Sequence on wall

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