Saturday, September 7, 2013

5th Grade - Hide the Word - Romans 14:19 - Balsa Wood

We love things that can be used for virtually every verse in the Bible.  Annnnd, we love things that are cheap!  This summer, I discovered this product at Hobby Lobby.  They are also sold at Michael's and at both places are under $1 per shape.   Balsa wood shapes that we have seen are circles, squares, rectangles, hearts, cross, oval, star, peace sign, scallop edge circle and square.

In class, let the kids write the verse with colored sharpies or glitter markers.  The markers bleed, so encourage kids not to press too hard.  When using the balsa wood, choose a shorter verse. You can also glue a ribbon loop on the back so they can hang it at their house.  This sample is a 6 inch circle.  When making an image under the verse, like a watermark, make sure to use a light color of ink for the watermark image and darker ink for the words.  Make sure you have a sample so that the kids can see the spacing.  

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