Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hide the Word- CD Labels

Hide the Word in Your Heart - Labels for the CDs

For each age level, we have created a CD of the memory verse songs. This has been very helpful for the teachers, parents, and students to learn songs to help write God's word in their hearts.

Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to post .wmv files to Blogger. If you're interested in hearing the songs, please comment on this post and we will get back with you.

Annually, we burn the songs for each age level onto a CD. Every child in the congregation receives the appropriate CD. In addition, every teacher receives the same CD so she can learn the songs along with the children. We burn these CDs at home, write the grade level on each CD, and pop the CD into a paper CD holder.

For the CD holder, we needed a song label that would list what song verses were on the CD in what order. We came up with Avery label 48863, a 2"x4" shipping label. You use Avery Template 5163 to create these. We simply print the attached PDFs onto the shipping labels, and stick the labels onto a paper CD holder.

We distribute these CDs to the children their first Sunday in the new grade level, which for us is in June. We usually make a few extras for students that may move in during the school year.

Two Year Old Labels

Three Year Old Labels

Four Year Old Labels

Kindergarten Labels

First Grade Labels
Second Grade Labels

Third Grade Labels

Fourth Grade labels

Fifth Grade Labels

Sixth Grade Labels


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