Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Praise God! Part 5

Our kids understand why we need to praise God!  This exercise has also equipped them with the vocabulary to praise God. 

We defined praise one last time:
Praise God: To tell God how great He is!
Praise God: To thank God for all He has done for us!

Orange: Who is praising God?
Yellow: Why are they praising God?
Pink: What action are they taking to praise God?

I made a sheet for the kids to fill out:

 _____________________________ Praises God

God deserves my praise because____________________

I praise God when I ___________________

When I praise God, I use words like ________________________

I can do these things when I praise God ____________________.

I will praise God because He _____________________________.

Praise God in the ______________________________________.

Praise God when He ____________________________________.

Praise the Lord with ____________________________________.

Because God is __________________________, I will praise Him.

I will give God _________________________________.

When I praise God, I feel ________________________________.

______________________________ praises God.

Praise God ________________________________________.

Of course we colored it before we wrote on it...

And then we filled it in, either with words from our brain, or with words from the construction posters on the wall. 

Here are some finished products!

I think it went very well and can't wait to do it again with another set of children. 

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