Monday, November 2, 2009


Blanks say "God is the only judge."

Here is the lesson:

  • Review “What is a Prophet?” poster
  • Sing Prophet song
  • Find prophet section in Bible
  • Discuss who Zephaniah was. He preached to Judah
  • Zephaniah wanted people to stop doing wrong and start doing the right things. He wanted them to return to God.
  • Discuss a court room. Bring a picture of the courtroom
  • Discuss a defendant, prosecutor, and judge and what each one does.
  • Who decides who is right and wrong in the courtroom?
  • What does it mean to judge something?
  • Who decides right and wrong? God, parents
  • How do our parents and other grown-ups determine right or wrong? They follow God’s rules
  • Who is the ultimate judge who gets to decide right and wrong? God
  • Does he surprise us with the rules? No, he tells us everything we need to know.
  • God loves us and wants us to do right and good.
  • He judges us based on the Bible.
  • How do we know what rules God wants us to know and do? We read the Bible and do what it says. 
  • Is God ever wrong in what He says is right? No!!
  • What will God judge in us? Our lives, hearts, and actions.
  • What happens on judgment day? Those who make decisions that make God happy and do what’s right will go to heaven. Those that make bad decisions will not.
  • How can we be sure we are right when God judges us?  Obey the Bible, love God and Jesus, live holy lives
  • What’s our reward for making good decisions? Heaven!!

1 comment:

Katie Ruelas said...

I liked the lesson, but I felt like you could have added little scenerios for the kids to have to make some judgements to see how it is hard, but if we follow a set of rules it makes our decisions easier.
I also felt like your answer to How can we be sure we are right when God judges us? might need some tweeking. The first answer should be: to believe God and Jesus and love them with all your heart, mind and strength, follow the bible, allow the holy spirit to make changes in you to live a holy life.