Friday, January 9, 2009

1 Samuel 25 - Nabal the fool

Lesson: Nabal, the fool
Scripture: 1 Samuel 25

Welcome: singing

Review: On floor by pocket chart, retell David and Saul in the cave using pictures. Sequence together. Discuss “give good for evil.”

Bible Lesson: “I love the Bible. . .”
Samuel died, and all of Israel mourned.
David and his army moved to the Desert of Maon.
There was a mean and rude man named Nabal that lived there.
Nabal had a very smart and beautiful wife named Abigail.
David and his men had helped Nabal’s men earlier and now David sent his messenger to ask Nabal for some food.
Nabal was being very hateful and refused to give David and his men any food.
David said he would kill all the people in Nabal’s house because of how Nabal behaved.
The servants had heard how Nabal spoke to David.
The servants went to Abigail, Nabal’s wife, and told her how badly Nabal treated David’s men.
The servants reminded Abigail that David’s men were very kind to them in the Desert.
Abigail got lots of food for David and his men.
She loaded all the food on many donkeys and sent the donkeys to David.
She walked behind the donkeys.
Abigail did not tell Nabal what she was doing.
When Abigail saw David, she ran to him and bowed down on the ground in front of him.
She apologized for Nabal’s behavior.
She asked David to blame her, and forgive her, and to have mercy on her house.
David said, “Praise be to God for sending you here today. May you be blessed for your good judgment and kind heart.”
When Abigail got home, Nabal was having a huge party and was drunk.
The next morning, Abigail told Nabal about her visit with David.
Nabal was so upset, he fell sick, and the Lord struck Nabal.
Nabal died in 10 days.
When David heard of Nabal’s death, he praised God for keeping David from killing anyone and punishing Nabal for being mean.
Then David asked Abigail to be his wife. She accepted and they were married.

Discuss – What to do when people are mean to us.

Discuss – How to be kind.

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